‘Surreal scene’ bij de twins

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…”It’s 10am on a grey, March morning and I’m sitting on the steps of my little seafront cottage. The rolling sand dunes of Kijkduin beach deserted, I watch as a group of dogs throw themselves excitedly into the cold, North Sea; echoes of “goedemorgen” carrying on the wind. Heading back inside to switch the kettle on, I watch as the grey-green tufts of the dune’s marram grass blow in the wind. It’s a scene that fills every window of this small seaside home and – given that just over an hour ago I was wrestling my way through Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport – it’s a slightly surreal one. This wasn’t the introduction to a weekend in The Hague that I’d been expecting.”….

De reislustige tweeling Twins that Travel viel in slaap aan zee en struinde overdag door Den Haag. Een mooi reisverslag met leuke tips! Door Cosmopolitan UK uitgeroepen tot ‘best travel influencer’ 🙂